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My practice involves working in layers, alternating between operating intuitively and rationally, between making marks and gestures for the sake of themselves, and rendering recognizable forms that come out of those marks like the outlines of animals appearing in the shapes of clouds. Between abstraction and figuration is a place where the viewer can be surprised by what they see and find something in the painting that isn’t there at all, because it is something they brought with them. 


Themes that run through my work are domesticity, the family, and the repetition of the daily routine. People go about their everyday tasks in my paintings. They paint their nails, watch tv, or cook meals in a mood of strangeness and sanctity. I believe it is in these more banal moments that we connect to something larger than ourselves, and that these spaces -- the home, the bedroom, the suburban backyard -- tell the most intimate stories about us, symbolizing and revealing our inner emotional life. In short, my work is about the sacred aspect of mundanity and of the daily domestic space in its function as mirror of the inner world.



Born in Illinois in 1992, Cline studied painting at the Academy of Art. Her work is featured in private collections in New York, Chicago, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.

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